Monday, 12 March 2012

From Ron and Pat Smith

Dear Carol,

Bill New just sent me a note to say that he had read Mike's obituary in today's paper. Needless to say, Pat and I were both shocked. After our return from Europe in late January, I left a brief holiday greeting and message for you and MIke on your answering machine. I was puzzled when I didn't hear back from you but now I realize what you must have been going through. I'm not quite sure what to say except that I feel a great loss, a huge gap in all of our lives. Even though we have not seen that much of each other over the last while, you two have always been very special to us, from those early days on the beach in Lantzville through to the all too short meetings in the Longwood Pub. What I regret is not telling Mike how much I admired him, as a colleague, as a writer, as a wit, as a friend, but then if I had said anything he would have argued with me anyway, denying me my view just for the sheer pleasure of verbal jousting and out of modesty. There are few people who through the force of their presence influence us but for me Mike was and will remain one of those people. I've always felt the two of you lived your lives to the fullest and for that I am thankful. Please accept our condolences and love. Ditto to Alison, she is all the best parts of both of you.

Ron and Pat

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