Monday, 12 March 2012

Post Script from Audrey Bean

Dear Carol, thank you for your account of yesterday - the essentials simply put. I ache for the hollowness you and Alison must feel today - so many shades of loss are involved. What is comforting to me is to have read the blog, as it gives me an inkling, in their own words, of the members of your terrific circle. So to the extent that solace lies there, you will have it. Here in one of your other circles, Montreal has had its finest snowfall of the winter. I skied for an hour on Mt. Royal today - the blue trail circles up to the cross, which is as handsome up close as it is from a distance, but in a different way. Of course, my thoughts turned to you and Mike, Montrealers at heart. John sends his love - he has been reminiscing about early days, and some of it may make its way into an email . In the meantime, our love is winging its way west to you and and Alison. Audrey

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