Saturday, 25 February 2012

Another From Rick and Adrianne in Cambodia

HI Mike, Carol and Alison,
Here we are in the middle of the Tonle Sap Lake in Cambodia, taking the clinic to it’s new destination on the Stung Sen River, it is day three and we are able to find internet... hard to believe. You are all travelling with us in our hearts and we know you are surrounded by family and friends and we wish we could be there with you if it was possible.
Mike you would laugh as Rick seems to find work to do on this slow boat/clinic and is constantly in motion, today it was figuring how to pump out the bilge by motor.  
You two have had many discussions together and spent time talking pumps and other Island living challenges. I wish you could have been on the shore when we were taking off, it was a bit of a gong show as the small boat that is towing us took off and those that were not coming with us were scrambling to get off the clinic and then the plank got caught and almost put the outside cooking stove through the wall. Then the clinic broke loose and we were adrift and Rick had to jump ashore and then he fell in to the water up to his waist, everyone yelling and pulling and jumping in the water trying to help. You can imagine!!!! Somehow Rick just can’t get away from “messing around with boats”.
We are sending you all our love and missing you all.
Adrianne and Rick
So glad Victor is there too, your trusted and constant companion
PS we do not know how to blog so are sending this the regular way
xoxoxox big hug!

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