Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Message from Mary Todd in U.K.

Warm thoughts and thanks from across the ocean!
At a time of such deep emotion, and being nearly 5K miles distant in Bristol, UK, how completely wonderful it is to feel close to you - Mike, Carol and Alison - at this time.  since hearing last evening, I'm filled with thoughts of such rich sharing over 28 years with all of you in BC and UK, incl. my beloved Yorkshire!  you are indeed part of my 2nd family and reading your heartbreaking updates is so warming and inclusive - many many thanks.
my mind is filled with so much of who you are Mike, that words can’t match, and how you’ve enriched my life.  and especially I’m reflecting on the walk you and I took with Victor on Protection on my last visit, and such an evident deep bond between you has been revived with all the wonderful pix posted from your bedside now.  a particular memory I hold with such warmth is of setting off on my intro for you both to my home county Yorkshire and you saying 'Mary this had better be worth it after all your pestering us!' but even within the first 24 hours I was a mite happier to realise you thought it was!!  at such a difficult time it is so special to continue to receive so much from you Carol & Alison - and good to know that messages are possibly the best way of giving back to you right now.  Mike you're so much in my thoughts from across the ocean, all you are and have been for me over the decades, my warmest love - as indeed to you Carol and Alison my wishes for continuing courage and strength.  Mary

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