Monday, 20 February 2012

Message from Clea Young

Dear Carol and Mike,

To hear my parents say, "Carol and Mike are coming for dinner," has always meant a good time is soon to be had, that the house will soon be bursting with gestures and conversation that, even when we were very young, never excluded the kids (Liam and me). The two of you are such a force of love and fun. When the goodnights have been said and you've headed home, the house on Moss St. always feels empty, a little sad.

Your family has been such a big part of ours over the years and I feel very fortunate for that. We are thinking of you every day during this difficult time, and as we chase Jude away from the toilet, the computer printer, and standing lamps ready to topple, we are also sending you all of our chaotic love.

Clea, Cole and Jude

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