Friday, 17 February 2012

Mike on January 28th

Here's a photo of Mike and me at Michael Berry's Australia Day party on January 28th. He was in great form at the party and we both enjoyed the celebration. Although he was suffering from some fatigue and, in retrospect, some headaches and a bit of unsteadiness in early February, we had lots of outings and lunches with friends, and so forth. On February 7th we had a drive to Ladysmith, and had a wonderful conversation later that day over dinner at the Saigon Kitchen. It was a happy day and we talked about how lucky we were with our life together. On February 8th he was admitted to hospital.
It is very hard to grasp how quickly everything has changed since then.


  1. Thanks for posting to this Blog to keep us up to date on Mike's condition. It is possible to correctly refer to Mike as a "bear with grace" - and a good teacher, a great father and friend, a fine conversationalist (read bulls...ter), a great cook, and a longtime colleague.

  2. He and Victor and I enjoyed our usual roadside chat just a couple of weeks ago. . .he keeps encouraging me to go for a full marathon, crazy man! ;-)