Sunday, 19 February 2012

Mike's courage

Well, the hiccups have stopped and the nurse has just given him some morphine for the pain. I don't know which is worse, the pain or the hiccuping. It is heartbreaking! But when I ask how he is doing, he says, "All right." In the words of an old friend, it is an awful and awesome time. I am full of admiration for Mike.

My brother Rod took Victor back to the townhouse for the night but will bring him back early in the morning. It's very quiet here.

I have never felt so helpless. I just have to focus on the now and on our great good fortune in our family and friends and a full life for nearly 47 years together.

The nurses here are extraordinarily kind and competent. And Mike is very brave.

Thanks from us both for all the good wishes and support
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  1. Give the "Graceful Bear" a hug for me. He and the many comments here are testament to the human spirit, to love, and to grace.

    And yet, Mike's pinochle skills suck.


  2. Good morning, Carol
    We're watching the sealions for you as they loll about, playing with their food. I tried to get a photo for you, but we need Mark K for that-- all I've got are some oddly-shaped bumps on top of some faraway water. Somehow, I just want some of your and Mike's spirit back here on P.I. and I want to send some of that P.I. spirit to you, feeling helpless, over there. Naively, I wish it might help. xoxo, f

  3. I was awake in the early hours, Carol, thinking of you, breathing with you.
    Ah, the intensity of your vigil with Mike, the profound tenderness.
    I know how helpless you feel, but your deep love, your attention, your presence - all this and so much more is helping him in ways beyond measure.
    Much love, moment by moment,