Sunday, 19 February 2012

Message from our friend Jean Blackburn

Words - and my power to wield them - seem so inadequate now, but one
word keeps floating to the surface in association with Mike, and that
word is "glee". All weekend I have had random-fragment Mike memories
drifting through my mind - Mike singing the praises of the movie
"Enchanted April"; Mike at Christmas time, singing the "bring me flesh
and bring me wine" line in Good King Wenceslas with great force and
theatricality (can't you just hear it!?); Mike wrangling floppy disks,
and all their inherent problems, long after they faded from the
computing scene. There is this pure sparkle and originality and joie de
vivre in Mike's encounters with life, good stuff and bad. Mike is just
so damn good at life. It is an honour to know him.
love, jean

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