Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Message from an old pal

Thanks George. I read this to Mike and he was pleased but raised his eyebrows at the last sentence and indicated that it was clearly an understatement.
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Dear Mike,

I am writing by this infernal system because I thought who the hell is going to pick up mail on Protection Island anyway? So here goes. I will in all likelihood screw it up.But at least in my failure I will be able to remind myself that I am writing to a person who shares my distrust of these things with screens and keyboards.

We are just back from the poetry festival at Gabriola Island, where I was of course brilliant, and got lots of free food, and made friends with the cook lady after getting off on the wrong foot. On the way back, just as we were getting back into our auto in preparation for disembarkation, or as Victor calls it, disemBARKation, we met your son in law and grand daughter and a woman we did not know, looking for their car.

Next weekend we will be doing the Galleano poetry festival, and staying 45 minutes north of the venue, so that I will have to get up in the morning before the sun is out, I think. When DOES the sun come up? I asked my dear Jean, "See? How many of your earlier husbands took you to Pacific islands?

Here is what I want to know. Was Charlotte enrolled at Montroyal school as a kind of doffing of the hat to that murky city in Quebec? On the boat she and I gave each other coded eye signals such as were not seen much less understood by the lesser beings around us.

And after all these years I have to tell you that when we were in plays together at UBC, you were every bit as good an actor as I was.

George Bowering
Obtuse but friendly.

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