Sunday, 19 February 2012

More comments from good colleagues

I know I keep missing people, but here are some more messages from old colleagues. I think there are more under comments. If I have missed you and you want a posting on the blog, let me know and I will forward it. 


Dear Carol and Mike,

What courage you both have! Jonathan and I were shocked to get your bad news but are touched by the strength you so obviously derive from your love for each other. Mike, we are sending you our love and very best wishes and are glad that you are so well cared for. And what strength you have, Carol! You both have big hearts and great warmth--may both help you in these difficult times. Mike, you have always been curious and open and generous, and you have a great talent for friendship: gifts you shared with us and are probably sharing with your doctors and nurses right now. May much love and care come back to you--to you both.

Much love to you both from both of us here in New Zealand,
Jonathan and Katharina


Hi Carol and Mike,

I find myself reflecting fondly on those early Yellow Point days, and the camaraderie of running with Mike and Bill Holdom when I first joined the English department.

My best to you both,


Steven M. Lane, Ph.D
Associate Vice-President Academic, Planning, and Aboriginal Initiatives
Vancouver Island University=


Ross, I have some nice memories of times and talks with you and Morris and Mike in those early days at Malaspina and Arts One.   I have kept more in touch with Carol than Mike in recent years.


I had a nice experience meeting Mike's niece-lawyer at a recent convention. Enthusiasm must be a Matthews family trait.


It is poignant to think of gentle souls like Mike leading us and leaving us. My favourite poem for this kind of situation is Billy Collins' "Directions".  Do you know it? It has the single fault that it is not possible to read it dry-eyed.

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