Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Message from Heather Cooling

I have been reading the blog. You and Mike, Carol, have touched so many people. Everytime I read a quotation, or story or memory related by a friend, or one of your wonderful extended family, I exclaim, yes , yes, that is so true. Glee, wit, glare, kindness, talent, funny, flare, grace, kindness and generosity, on and on.  What a great man!
And my brain is overloaded with my own memories and pictures.    I could also bring my own many many stories. But I won't try now.
For now, here are  a few of my very personal 'photos' which I will aways conjure up to remember Mike.  I will remember looking out my upstairs window, or up from working in the garden, and spot Victor walking Mike every day, rain, cold, sun or fog. They were a real pair - friends, I see, forever. If the gate was open, Victor would pull Mike down our path, and the two-legged one would sigh and say - Heather, once you feed the 4-legged one a bisquit, he will be forever wanting another from you , he will never forget.  I always told Mike, I want him to remember I was an easy take.
And Mike plunging into Blunderbus Bay. Not wimpering with trepidation about the cold water, or taking forever to get wet, but thrusting his body through the seaweed and flotsam, perhaps swimming for only a few minutes and then leaving it for us, Carol, to take our time talking and bobbing around. If it was warm, he did stay to discuss - what? - well any topic was fair game,  I recall.
And so many good meals at your PI tables, inside and out. All with such fine conversation, wine, and frequent Mike rants.
(What did he rant about that last time at the Travelodge?  Perhaps Chris remembers.)
I will always remember dropping in to see you two - often without notice - and stay for tea, or a little cup of strong coffee. And more great discussion.  And being welcomed by Victor, of course.
I would like to be there with you.  I can't physically, but I am with you emotionally. 
Jim and I are thinking of you constantly, and wishing peace for all of you. We love you Carol and Mike.
I hope Mike will remember us with a nod.   
More later. I am tearing up.
Much love to all, Heather
(Jim may write later - or wait till he sees you - he does not handle this well).

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