Saturday, 25 February 2012

Message from Neil Smith

Like so many of us who care about you, we have followed the wonderful stories posted on the blog, and like so many of your friends, we struggle for meaning, question the lack of fairness, and try to make sense of what is happening in your lives.
But then we step back from our immediate sadness and we try to imagine your experience as you move from day to day.  It is in this imagining that we recognize the incredibly special thing you have created together as a family; the strength, intensity and deep love that the three of you share.
As we read through the blog, your influence on the lives of friends and colleagues is evident in each and every story. Each writer’s life is enriched by your fierce courage, infinite energy and full commitment to building a better world.

Together, you have truly offered us the very highest of standards – whether they be measured by love, moral courage, or humour.
For that we thank you.  Our hearts are with you ...    Neil and Deidre

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