Sunday, 19 February 2012

Fw: Photos of Protection Is.

Elegant photos, Lauren, and a nice message. Thx
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From: "Lauren Dobell" <>
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2012 14:24:03 -0800
To: 'Carol'<>
Subject: Photos of Protection Is.


Dear Carol and Mike,


Mr Koko is notably absent from this small collection of familiar features, and is hastening to remedy the omission.   He envies Victor’s relative mobility – though claiming equal mental agility – and may attempt his own belkoom to prove it if his likeness can’t quickly be daylighted.  No handful of photos can hope to capture more than a glimpse,  but it’s wonderful to see a composite picture coming together on Mike’s site of a life extraordinarily well-lived, in all the ways that count.  Hannah is helping to search for some essential images – though I don’t think we have a shot of sizzling plantains in the frypan.  I have found two in hardcopy, taken the day we crossed between Newcastle and Protection on foot, following a Rick Scott concert in the park. Mike and a four year old Hannah are looking down at her muddy feet, apparently discussing  transport options in one; in the other Mike is carrying her one-armed, like a rugby ball, his blue pack on his back, her red pack in his other hand, striding across the seaweed-green channel toward the Protection shore. 


Looking for particular photographs has highlighted the disorder of all my files – hardcopy, digital and memory.  We’ll scan and send more soon. 



With very much love,


Lauren and Hannah




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