Friday, 24 February 2012

From niece Leah

Dear Carol and Alison,

My sadness as I read of Mike's decline is profound, but it's tempered by admiration, wonder, and even laughter as I read the many messages on the blog, each of which captures Mike's essence in it's own unique way. What is also abundantly clear is the love the three of you have for one another and your strength as a family. All three of you are facing the unthinkable with inspiring bravery and dignity. It seems so unfair that the incredible love you have for one another should have to be disrupted, and yet I know it is the strength of this love which will get you through the dark times ahead.

With all of this in mind, I have a few more things to add to the list of 75 things we like about Mike. I won't bother trying to number them, because I'm sure others are also sending their lists. I fear I'm taking up more than my share, but I can't imagine anyone will object if there are more than 75 things on the list

That he married Carol (I like this for two reasons. It demonstrates that he was smart enough to recognize what an amazing woman Carol is, and it made him part of our extended family)

That he and Carol raised an amazing daughter

The way his eyes light up when he talks about Charlotte

That his profound love for his family is evident in everything he says and does

That he has touched the lives of so many family members, friends, colleagues and students

That he is, without a doubt, leaving this world a better place than he found it

Sending you much love,

Leah xoxo

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