Monday, 20 February 2012

Deep thanks

It's a strange thing for me to have this blog and to be sharing so much that is intensely personal in such a public way. I have felt that I am too old to be comfortable with social media, and yet the blog is a comfort to me. I sit at Mike's side, tapping away at my blackberry, and, in a peculiar way, it keeps me grounded. I told Mike that people used to hear the clicking of knitting needles beside them when they were ill, but now it is the clicking of computers and blackberries and I-phones. He smiled at that.


It is such a comfort to me to have the photos and the messages and the descriptions of Mike that seem so apt to me. This is a peculiar time – very bleak, long hours, and then moments of pure joy, some of which come from the messages you send and the portrait of Mike that the blog creates. I welcome all the messages and read them again and again.


Soon I may have to stop this abruptly, but first I want to thank all of you that have sent messages to me and to Alison. I lose track frequently, so they don't all appear on the blog but they are all in my heart.

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