Wednesday, 22 February 2012


We are now in a private room which is very comfortable. Victor is looking after everything, as you can see, steadily seated on Mike's chest atop Sue's lovely quilt while we all listen to the very beautiful recording of Blake's Songs of Innocence and Experience which Ross McKay brought.

On the tables are the orchids Michelle Dartnall brought, the antherium that niece Dana brought, and the Witch Hazel from Alison Watt as well as the great many cards from so many dear friends.

Mike is peaceful, wearing his Black Apples shirt and enjoying the messages we read to him from so many wonderful friends and family members -- friends from all over Vancouver Island, from BC, from Quebec, Halifax, Berkley, Israel, Bali, Barbados.

Alison is always at hand with gingerale and quiet conversation. Liza and Kim LeDuc come and take Victor for walks.

Yesterday we had visits from two nieces, a nephew, 3 doctor friends, and 2 other friends. Mike enjoyed it all but it was a bit tiring. Today we are focusing on tranquility.

Friends on PI and at Parkridge and in Nanaimo have been enormously supportive. I can't begin to list those who brought or offered soup, casseroles and cakes. All much appreciated. For now we are well- stocked but later on we will surely take up those offers with great gratitude.

Things move forward steadily, gently. Alison and I may stay all night tonight. At some point this evening Mike might have a small glass of Ross's 14 yr old scotch. Alison and I feel things are pretty good, given everything.

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