Monday, 20 February 2012

Fw: Thoughts of Mike

Thanks for those memories...
Sent: Monday, February 20, 2012 2:19 PM
Subject: Thoughts of Mike
Hi Carol, Mike and Allison 
I was just reading the blog (for the third time this morning! - thank you for the blog, it is amazing!).  Others' comments brought some great memories to mind, that I thought I would share.  (Feel free to post to the blog, if you wish to.)
The Chainsaw Event
I remember when you lived in Townsite, with all those beautiful trees and shrubs.  I always loved - and coveted - that house and its yard. 
I lived just a few blocks away, and regularly drove by your house on my way home, renewing my covetousness!  Then one day, HORROR OF HORRORS, as I drove by, there was Mike, chainsaw in hand (another gesture of Mike's arms, this time, not so graceful!) carving up a tree.  He had clearly been at it for some time, as the once densely forested yard seemed to me to be virtually empty of vegetation.  I expressed my upset the next time I was at your place, and it was then that I was the recipient of one of Mike's "glares" (so beautifully noted by Maria Coffey).
The Goey Spider (or Octopus?) at the Mall
I remember being at the mall with Mike and Alison - I don't recall why we were there.  I might have just run into them when I was shopping that day.  Anyway, we were walking down the mall, and much like the incident recalled by Colin Dobell, Mike pulled the "octopus" (although my memory has it as a spider??) from his pocket, and stopped stock still in front of a store window, pitched the gooey creature high up onto the window, and stood there dramatically watching it maneuver its way down the window -- and attracting a crowd of bystanders, joining him in the watching.  Alison was mortified (or appeared to be - which may have been drama of her own to equal Mike's?) -- and she walked far ahead, communicating something like "I don't know who that crazy man is!)
When the creature finally hit the floor, Mike quite unceremoniously picked it up, popped it back in his pocket, and walked on, as if nothing at all out of the ordinary had occurred.
And in the Matthews' world, it was, happily, quite "usual".
And I am reminded of a bumper sticker (or maybe it was a window sticker?) that Mike had on a car he once drove - with "WHY BE NORMAL" with the "NORMAL" upside down.
Indeed, Why?  It is a privilege to be a part of the Matthews' wonderful world!
With great love and appreciation for you all,
Sharon Styve
Nanaimo, BC


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  1. Dear Carol and Mike....hoping this will actually frustrating to feel incompetent about communicating to you both. We have certainly been thinking of you often, often, often. Have loved reading all the touching, funny, insightful, truthful comments friends and family have been writing. How could two people as erudite bright and engaged have anything but such people in your lives? After a wonderful lunch or dinner with you two, Harv and I would look at each other and say "Why do they want to spend time with us? We're so ordinary....but we're sure glad they do!" But then again, it is in the nature of both of you to find the interesting in everyone you embraced...and you embraced many. Thinking of you with full hearts..Sharron and Harv