Saturday, 18 February 2012

At his feet

Victor settling well in the palliative care ward. Guarding Mike and making friends with nurses, doctors, volunteers, and other patients. We will both stay here overnight tonight.

Mike is at times in some discomfort, is not eating, but is sleeping comfortably right now, as is Victor.

Thanks to everyone for their kind and supportive messages -- old collleagues, family, friends and neighbours in Nanaimo and on P.I., so many people sending love and good wishes from all over the world. Thanks to all of you. We feel very fortunate.


  1. Carol, we are the fortunate ones. Victor sure knows how lucky he is to have a friend like Mike, and he's a fine example to all of us. We should all be guarding Mike, and if the bed were a lot bigger, we'd be there right beside him.

  2. Carol, We're sending you all our love, every ounce of it. Tell Mike I'm sorry for the times I complained about his plantain dishes. I'd give the world to be sitting with him now at your kitchen table, eating one of those strange bananas. xxxx

  3. Matthews men are always happier when they have their dogs by their sides (as are Matthews women too!). Everyone on both sides of the family has a dog so it is very evident that we find comfort in them. We send our love and the comfort of our waggy tailed friends.... Finnigan, Hoover, Bailey, Sambo, and Toby