Thursday, 23 February 2012

Message from Linda McDonell

Dear Carol:
I wanted to let you know that I heard news of Mike’s illness late last week and have been thinking lots about you over the past few days. Mostly I have been thinking about how supportive and caring you and Mike have always been to others and what a force you are as a team. I always have had an urge to suppress a giggle when I am with you both - even when there is no joke as I know there is one coming from one or other of you!
I have checked the blog to keep up with what is happening – after a rather stressful effort to become a google account holder! I am not sure if I am ashamed or proud to say I have no experience with facebook or any of the other social network sites so I was a bit nervous to become a google friend. All was good, I had access and thought I was set to go. Sadly, I can’t get back in! Drat! Please accept this email in lieu. What an amazing list of contributors!
Take care both of you. It must be great comfort to know there are so many friends who love you and are there for you even if in spirit and not person! Count John and me as two more.
With lots of love and white light your way,

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