Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Mike's triumphs

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From: George Bowering
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Okay, I will admit, for the sake of argument, that you may have been
a better stage actor than I was.

I was today re-reading your letter of August 3rd and 8th. I have to say
that it is one of the greatest letters of all time, easily matching or surpassing
John Keats, Samuel Pepys and Gordy Lipkowitz.

Well, it was just an honour, for a rube from the Okanagan, to be on the
same UBC stage with you, eh? And then you showed me the ropes at the
Ubyssey and the Raven.

I got to play on the same ball team in Montreal, and then I think I got
to be on some committees trying to withhold degrees from you in Montreal AND

I got to co-author a novel with you, and you were the funniest of the 4 authors.
But I was pretty funny too. So the book did not win any awards? Well,
neither did Jake Zilber or Gordy Lipkowitz.

But here's my favourite thing. When you were working on the docks in
Montreal, once in a while a crate would break and i got to help eat what had been inside.

I love you, fellow.

George Bowering
The pen is mightier than the pencil.

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