Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Message from Kimberly Saward in U.K.

Dear, dear Carol,
I am so moved by reading the words of your family long-time friends as they pay tribute to Mike... and to you, too.
I can feel your depth as your spirit moves with me throughout the day.... as I wonder how you are doing, remembering the oh-so-sacred nature of the bittersweet days while we were in the hospital with Aaron a few Christmases ago, and that I remember from my own experiences as loved ones embarked on their own journeys through the dying process. I know these are deep and difficult days, but I also believe that you are holding them in heartful ways. In my limited way, I am sending you energy, and love, often throughout the day, and when I wake at night....
And I trust that the humor that has punctuated your life will also weave through these days in the hospital with Mike!
I wish I could magically appear and whisk you off to share a cup of coffee and a chat....
Much love,

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