Sunday, 19 February 2012

From Israel

Pnina and Francois Gagnon sent this photo from our trip to Israel in 1995M what a wonderful trip.

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  1. A poem for Mike from Pauline Butling: (from Phyllis Webb's book titled Water and Light)
    Here's the Phyllis Webb poem again. I hope this time it comes through with line breaks. My email version didn't work.

    Grey-eyed dryad, have you seen one
    if only for the sound of

    grey-eyed dryad. Or gull gone
    into blue empyrion, the lift

    of wind fabulous, flowing, free-for all.
    Nothing is pure praxis,

    axis of this globe sends
    degree by degree us into curved

    path of portent, accident, perishable
    eye-sad dryad. Look at her. Here.

    The varied thrush, the orchard oriole,
    the crying dove, the skin-smooth olive

    green, olive-green, with a red