Monday, 20 February 2012

A bellcoom for Mike from Niece Leah

Dear Carol, Mike and Alison,
As I read blog posts about various travels you’ve undertaken, I’ve been remembering the trip you made to the UK over the 1984 Christmas holiday when I was there at school.  What a wonderful time I had with the 3 of you!  I have so many fond memories of that time together.  I actually think of that trip often...every time I drive through one of the wretched roundabouts that seem to be breeding like rabbits in greater Victoria.  Mike, I remember you trying valiantly to navigate the massive, complex roundabouts in the UK, driving on the “wrong” side of the road with the three of us yelling instructions at you.  I imagine there were times you fantasized about driving into the oncoming traffic just to shut us up.
Of course, I have many  fond memories of time with your family...of always being welcomed with open arms, served wonderful food and invited to participate in lively conversation.  Mike, I think you’re the only person I know who could tell me I’ve just said the stupidest thing you’ve ever heard without offending me in the least.
Thinking of you has inspired me to write a bellcoom, Mike.  It’s highly unusual for me to write anything even remotely may elicit the look of indignation someone so aptly captured!
Mike is a man so very fine,
How lucky I am –
He’s an uncle of mine
Sending you lots of love,
Leah xoxo

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