Wednesday, 22 February 2012

From God-Niece Nancy

Uncle Mike Auntie Carol and Alison.

 As I sit here and write this I can only imagine the pain and emotions you are experiencing.  I am struggling with the reality of what is happening and how quickly.  I so badly wish to come be by your side.  I feel so helpless in Kelowna right now it seems so far away.  Yet as I read  Mike’s Blog all three of you sound so strong.  Please read this to Uncle Mike.  Thank you Uncle Mike for being my God Father and a wonderful one at that.  I saw you less in my adult life yet you gave me so much.  It goes way back to when I was a little girl at Salt spring even then I felt your compassion, caring and support.  I always remember the comfort you gave so generously.  When Grandpa Matthews passed away suddenly that Easter weekend and you came back to Salt spring for the second time that weekend to Grammas’ house.  All the adults were in the living room discussing the plans as Adults; you came into the Den where the grandchildren were and sat down and expressed your sorrow over the loss of our pet dog Pogan.  Even in your time of deep grief you reached out supported and grieved with us.   Thank you Uncle Mike and Auntie Carol for all your family publishing’s  you have provided me with you wrote them with pride and all your heart and they have given me  a knowledge and love of my family history I wouldn’t have otherwise known was there.  I read your most recent “C.G. MATTHEWS: A Son’s Account By M.P. Matthews”  all in one sitting I couldn’t put it down regardless of what “needed” doing. In the first paragraph you write about this memoir being of some interest to another generation family member down the line.  This was very true and fulfilling for me.  I also want to say how much your presentations of heart at family functions have meant to me weather they came in the form of poetry , songs or productions they really showed heart, feeling and creative expression of your love of us and family.  Thank you also for taking the time in your travels to Vernon to make a point of stopping by and visiting Mariah and I or taking us out for lunch.  I will Cherish those times. Another example of how you go out of your way  to show your dedication, and care to show your love. You three  are constantly in my thoughts and I immediately stop and pray for you.  May you feel all the love and support behind the courage and strength you three have and are showing as you live in this painful difficult time.  As well may it be an intimate time of closeness and support for the three of you that you can hold forever.
 With much love, hugs and prayer
Nancy and Mariah.

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