Wednesday, 15 February 2012


February 15th

Mike says "I appreciate all the good wishes from friends and neighbours. Getting thoughtful care here. Many friends doing extraordinarily kind and generous things."

 We are incredibly fortunate and blessed indeed. A thousand kindness, large and small, including our old - longtime, that is - friend Susan Earle bringing a gorgeous "plaid bear" quilt symbolizing Mike's bearlike personality and his plaid shirts. "As various and colourful as the woodsmen themselves," Mike says. Truly a work of art which makes his hospital beautiful.

We can't begin to name the individuals on Protection, in Nanaimo, at Parkridge, Duncan and Victoria who have brought food, including some fine old scotch brought books and pastries, taken Carol for dinner, sent prayers and well wishes and so forth. Thora Howell has outdone herself which is saying something!

The care in the hospital has been very good. Many extraordinary nurses. We are awaiting clarification.

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